Tip of the Week – Do you Want Listings?

Here is the simple plan and truth:  You must mail 2-4 letters per year to every property owner in your area who owns property you want to list.  We can show you how to get every property owner’s address and all letters are already written for you.  Just mail 5 (or more) every day and you will succeed.  That’s it.  But make it a daily activity for 1-2 hours, every day.  It works 100% of the time.

Now, more than ever, it is critical to your success and I’ll explain why.  Some other real estate companies are doing this in your markets and it works with a lesser program if you are not communicating to the property owners with your UCRE story.  These other companies, and there are 3-4 big ones, get the listing call without agents in the area, get the listing and charge their agents 40% of the listing lead.  That is happening a lot now.  By telling your UCRE story by mailing letters, you will be invited to the listing appointment and win.  List to last.  Call us if you need help.  Start today!

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