United Country Announces Home Office Staff Promotions

Richard Thompson has been promoted to Executive Vice President of Sales.  Richard is a 31 year veteran of UCRE and has over 44 years in real estate.  His innovative approach to sales management and process is unmatched in the industry.  His team regularly sells more offices per salesperson than any other real estate company in the United States.  In 2018 Richard and his team introduced over 50 new affiliates to the UCRE program and is setting records in 2019 with over 40 new affiliates joining the team so far in 2019.  He is a very conscientious professional and pushes himself and his team to achieve leadership results year after year.
Ashley Breitenbach has been promoted to Senior Marketing Director.  Working for over 8 years with the UCRE Marketing Team, most recently Ashley led the Marketing team at UCRE to increase results by over 40% in some of the largest advertising initiatives we execute on behalf of the affiliates.  She was instrumental in the very successful launch of the new Realtree United Country Hunting Properties program.  The creative campaigns she has directed are noticeably enhanced and producing dramatic increases in marketing effectiveness and buyer leads.  She has played a critical role in the enhancement and development of our new websites.  She works very closely with affiliates and has improved affiliate UCRE marketing relations.

Carmen Barnes is being promoted to Senior Events Manager.  Her dedication to excellent planning and execution of UCRE events is admirable.  She has been managing and improving events at UCRE for over 9 years and prior had managed UnitedPower! as a service provider for the company while the event manager at Marriott.  She is exciting to work with, works well across cross-functional teams, is highly respected by affiliates, recognized for excellent work and takes her job very seriously.  She regularly delivers superior results and is constantly enhancing all training and meeting events for the company.  She is a true professional and seasoned proven leader within the company.

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