United Country Launches UC Commercial Properties

United Country recently announced the NEW UC Commercial Properties platform.  We know many of you want to expand your expertise and be the powerhouse in your markets for selling commercial real estate of all types. United Country has some of the top commercial real estate experts in the country who specialize specifically in the smaller markets we serve. Check out some advice from these experts below.

Michael Krieg – Grand Junction, CO

If someone contacts you wanting to sell a commercial property and you are unsure how to approach the situation, reach out to the steering committee. I wouldn’t ever turn anything down, big or small. You have a team of professionals to go to for advice or to bring in to help with the transaction. We have the experience and knowledge to take any listing from beginning to end. There isn’t an office in our network that won’t be able to go after EVERY SINGLE listing. In fact, 34% of most residential real estate clients you already work with probably own or operate a business.  You already have the clients, you just don’t know it. There will be more money too as commission is 10% or higher normally. And it is easier to do and easier to sell because they are income producing properties.

Sam Scarborough – Lake Palestine, TX

Commercial contracts are much more complicated than normal real estate contracts. But, there are a lot of other brokerages who don’t have the backing that UC has. So, we will have the opportunity to take over the market with UC Commercial Properties. Commercial properties take a lot more time to close, but you can get a lot more listings from it. You can do really interesting things with commercial property and it can be fun.

Dana Staples – Lake Palestine, TX

Commercial real estate takes more than just putting up a sign in the yard. My advice to someone trying to sell commercial property is to know the area you’re selling and know the commercial market of that area. If you have questions, find a commercial real estate agent. Make sure you have the expertise to take on the listing.

Ray Ver Hey – Lake Palestine, TX

My advice for a broker is to have an agent in your office who will specifically focus and specialize in commercial properties. It will aid in taking over your market. With these new tools in place for UC Commercial Properties, it will make a big difference and everyone will notice. If you’re thinking of jumping in, know you’ll get a lot more customers from it. Deals will come back around two or three times. Commercial people are investors. If you earn their trust, they will use you for years.

Order all of your marketing collateral for UC Commercial through XpressDocs. Check out the website at www.UCCommercial.com.  

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