United Country’s COVID-19 Recommendations

It goes without saying our thoughts and prayers are with everyone. It is a challenging time and it’s most important to keep family first, but as John Kennedy said, “When written in Chinese, the word “crisis” is written with two characters. 危机. One represents danger, the other opportunity.”

In the real estate business, there truly is opportunity in crisis.

In light of the current situation, we must all stay focused on ensuring the damage to our businesses and personal income is minimized. The strength of the US economy is critical to overcoming this virus and reducing the impact on our fellow citizens long-term. At United Country, we are determined to play our part perfectly.

Here are some great ideas to consider if you have extra time right now;

  1. Listings are the key to success in real estate always; work 2 hours minimum per day on this.
    • Activities
      • Define your market area
      • Obtain the contact information for all properties you want to list in your target area. Use MapRight or ask your BC how to get these names and contact info
      • Mail appropriate real estate information to them; introduction letters, market stats, key real estate advice, just listed, just sold. Approximately once per quarter. 5 mailed per day is 600 per year, ~4% will respond or 24 deals
  2. Review and clean up your client database if needed
  3. Review and measure your business plan (company/personal) as we close Q1
  4. Update all of your listings in Bullseye with a focus on writing proper SEO terminology, embedded links, edit images, videos, etc. SEO techniques are available on the Intranet or from your BC
  5. Update or launch your personal agent website – bio, SEO keywords
  6. Review and Update your office business website – bio, SEO keywords
  7. Watch UCRE training videos found on the Intranet 24/7
  8. Listen to the Sale Ring or Jared James podcasts
  9. Use the phone to reconnect to network, friends and family
  10. Call five new people that you would like to have in your network. Offer assistance if needed during these times
  11. Review and update all of your marketing material, listing presentation leave behinds, websites, etc
  12. Read self-improvement, business strategy or management books – highly recommend: Zero to One, Good to Great, E-Myth Revisited, The Infinity Game, Sapiens, Who Moved My Cheese (short), Who Will Do What By When (short)
  13. Study your “Worthy Rivals” (competitors) and note five observations about each, what are they doing well, ask how are you different / better and what you can do to communicate same in your marketing and collateral material
  14. Support local businesses when possible
  15. Eat well, sleep well and get some exercise!

If you need any help or have questions, call us at 800-444-5044. Let’s remain united as a family, united as a team, united in our community, united as a country, united as a world and united in strength.


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