Listing Solicitation Contest Pays Off Big

Allen Terry, our Waynesville, TN, affiliate is leading the way for the $1,000 in Xpressdocs credit, but

the mailing campaign is paying him much bigger dividends in other ways. When the contest started,

Allen’s listing inventory was at an all-time low. He did not have enough listings to sustain the

office long-term because, as a one person business, he had been busy showing property and running

the office. Since the contest started, Allen has used a virtual assistant to mail 373 “Just Listed” postcards,

1,000 “Just sold” postcards and 254 Riverfront SPG postcards. EMS also created a postcard for him and

mailed  3305 of those cards the general property owners in his market.

Terry landed a $425,000 listing from the campaign very quickly and is closing the double-sided deal this week.

His first mailing produced a listing that sold within one week.  He did 1,000 “Just Sold” postcards and listed a
house in town. It just went under contract last Saturday. He also listed a nice 11 acre property with a

house that already has two very interested prospects. He is scheduled to do CMA’s on two properties

from the mailings Friday and Saturday and is scheduled to meet with a riverfront property

developer this weekend.  Three other owners reached out to him as a result of his mailings. They

were too high on their property, but as we all know there is a good chance one or more of those will turn

into a listing in the future. That’s a huge turnaround. Listing leads are still

coming in and will be for a long time.  This is a great ROI for 4,900 cards mailed and less than $200 paid for

a virtual assistant!

Get your cards or letters in the mail today and get the number you’ve mailed to Richard Thompson at

Here are the details for the promotion.

Offices gets 1 entry for each 1,000 cards or letters mailed.

1st  Name Drawn              $1,000 XpressDocs Credit

2nd Name Drawn               $500 XpressDocs Credit

3rd Name Drawn               $250 XpressDocs Credit

Associates        1 entry for every 200 cards mailed

1st name drawn        $500 Xpress Docs Credit

2nd Name drawn       $250 XpressDocs Credit

3rd Name Drawn        $100 XpressDocs Credit

The Listing Contest Ends October 1.   So, get those cards in the mail and your numbers in to Richard today!

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