Randy Jelliff, his son Dustin and his team at United Country Real Estate | Jelliff Auction Group Realtors & Auctioneers are racking up auction sales for the 2016 year. Through July, Randy’s office has tripled their Gross Commission Income and the business is not slowing down.  Randy just wrapped up a single property auction that sold for more than double the seller’s expectations!

The property consisted of 132 acres of marsh land near Wellsboro, Pa. The local county judge appointed Randy and his team to conduct the court-ordered auction due to Randy’s longstanding reputation as a top auctioneer in the area.

“It was one of the easiest auctions I’ve ever gotten,” said Randy. “But we do a lot of work in this area and we are pretty well-known. Being affiliated with United Country definitely helps because it gives authority figures like the judge more reason to have confidence in us, knowing that we have the ability to expose these properties to a much larger market than most local companies.”

Randy and his team also go out of their way to provide extra information to buyers and sellers at their auctions. When working with minerals, he brings in an independent geologist who conducts presentations about mineral potential for the given properties. Randy said landowners will attend his auctions just to scout him out because they are looking for an avenue to sell their own property and some attend to learn more about the mineral potential in the area.

The marsh land auction isn’t the only success Randy and his team has had in the recent months. He also recently sold a multi-property auction in July that sold above seller expectations.  This was the second time, and total of five properties, the selling company trusted Randy with this year. He attributes a lot of his auction success to the EMS team.

“The EMS team always does a wonderful job and that’s why we keep using them,” said Randy. “We write up the contract and then they take over from there. Leaving the marketing design work and deadlines to EMS, I can spend more time focused on the actual auction and following up on buyer leads. They make things so much easier for us and I can’t say enough good things about them.”

Reach out to Randy today and get to know these progressive real estate professionals and auctioneers in North Central, PA.  You can visit their website at www.wellsboroparealestate.com/index.html.


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