Georgia Office Sends Eight to UnitedPower!

Owners/brokers Joel and Jane Neighbors of UCRE | Talking Rock Realty in Talking Rock, GA, sent five new agents and three veterans, including themselves, to UnitedPower! in April. Although always a top performing office in the nation, finishing #19 in 2017 with a top 10 and other top performing agents, they believe by getting everyone up to speed on the many programs offered by the United Country program, they can continue to drive growth and ensure their on-going success.

“You know about all of these tools, but unless you practice them, you will forget them,” said Joel. ” Since we last went in 2003, 1000 percent of things have changed and we were blown away, especially with the SPGs and SEO. We’ve been wanting to bring our new agents there to boost their confidence and open the door for more opportunities.”

Joel also said that members from the team have been to UP! three times since 2003 and have brought home the bubble gum machine each time (from a game played at UnitedPower!). He said he thinks they hold the top spot for most wins, but challenges other offices to try to beat them.

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